Irish Casino Top 3

With the online gaming industry growing every day, it is hard for some players to choose the right online casino for them. Sometimes players even register in dozens of these online casinos but only play in a couple of them. Why is this? The reason for this is that only a handful of online casinos offer the best types of games and offer players competitive bonuses and free trials. We refer to these online casinos as the Best Irish Casino in the industry.

There are many online casinos which offer their services to various nationalities but only the Irish Casino Top 3 offers online casinos which have dedicated services to the players who are residents of the Republic of Ireland. By doing so these online casinos offer among the best Irish Casino Bonus and are among the top ranked Irish Casino Game Providers.
Our aim in this website is to provide you with information on the most highly recommended online gaming sites where you will be given reasons to why these online casinos should be at the top of your list while giving you an explanation on What Makes a Casino Irish. The top 3 online casinos are All Irish Casino, Ladbrokes Casino and Paddy Power Casino.

All Irish Casino

No matter what type of game is among your most favourites, it is an almost certainty that All Irish Casino can provide these games to its players. The many games on offer come in all forms such as Slots and Video slots, various Virtual Games such as virtual table games, arcade games and of course Live Table Games like Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette. All Irish Casino provides unique games in all forms and also gives all its players the best customer services so that players feel that they are well taken care of.

The Irish Casino Game Providers of All Irish Casino include Netent for its virtual games and the land-based Portomaso Casino (in Malta) for its Live Games. Starting off with the Live Games, Portomaso Casino in Malta provides All Irish Casino with a live broadcast of its dealers dealing in real time to live players and online players can join in the fun. The way it works is that any online player can view the live stream without needing to download and can share in the fun of the various live table games without needing to step foot in the land-based casino. On the other hand, the virtual games are just as exciting, and through the NETENT provider (who is a major software company with vast experience in virtual games) All Irish Casino is able to give its players the best virtual games with the best graphics, animation and sound effects which make these games all the more fun.

All Irish Casino was granted an online gaming licence by the LGA (Lotteries and Gaming Authority) of Malta and by having obtained this licence, All Irish Casino have been given the chance to provide its online games to any country in Europe. However All Irish Casino has opted to only provide its services to players from the Republic of Ireland, therefore giving its Irish players 100% attention and full services.

Paddy Power Casino

Paddy Power Casino has become one of the most popular online casinos in the Irish online gaming Industry. As the name states, Paddy Power Casino started off in the Republic of Ireland. Although it also offers its games and services to players from the United Kingdom, it still depicts itself as an Irish online casino and provides the best services possible to its Irish players becoming a Best Irish Casino. It is a fine example of What Makes a Casino Irish and after a vast improvement in its online services, it does all it can to not disappoint its players. So much so, that it has also been mentioned in the Irish Stock Exchange making it a vital part in the online gaming market of the Republic of Ireland.

Paddy Power Casino proves itself to be an online casino that takes its players needs and wants very seriously by having changed various features of its website to adapt to its’ players feedbacks of the site. It has come up with ways for its players to personalise their accounts. This means that each and every player’s account will ‘remember’ a player’s favourite game and store it in their account. This way any time a player logs into her / his account, there is no need for the player to keep searching for their favourite game as they will be available to the player in their opening page of their account. Another advantage to this is that players can access their accounts from any computer anywhere in the world and they will still be able to access their favourite games as most games do not require a player to download them but instead these games use a streaming process.

As an Irish Casino Game Provider, Paddy Power offers numerous fantastic games ranging from virtual games of table games, arcade games, slots and video slots and live games. Some of the slots and video slots prove to be among the most popular in the online gaming industry and some feature themes of major motion picture movies such as Iron Man, Rocky, the Hulk and many more. All its games including its live table games provide great graphics, animation and sound effects which add to a great gaming experience. To top it all off Paddy Power also offers its players the chance to join its Casino Club which enables players to gain points through the games being played. These points are eventually added up and provide players the opportunity to win great prizes, Irish Casino Bonus or exchange these points for cash.

Ladbrokes Casino

Ladbrokes casino has become a well known online casino within the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom. Although it was established in the United Kingdom, it still dedicated a number of its services to players from the Republic of Ireland.

Ladbrokes Casino contains a number of various websites offering different types of games. So whether you are into sports betting, poker, live or virtual games, Ladbrokes Casino has them all. All a player would need to do in order to access and play any of these games is register in the main page of Ladbrokes Casino and the player will then have access to all the above mentioned games and more. Ladbrokes Casino however is mostly well known for its exciting Poker tournaments and the ability for players to play online through satellite feed. It allows Irish players the opportunity to even join in the Irish Poker festival without players needing to leave their homes. Another unique feature of Ladbrokes Casino is the fact that any player who wishes to join Poker games but they are not quite sure how to play the game, Ladbrokes offers players the chance to learn Poker through their unique online Poker school.

All these and more is what make Ladbrokes Casino, All Irish Casino and Paddy power Casino our Top 3 Best Irish Casino and Irish Casino Game Providers. By checking out our detailed description of these online casinos you will be able to make a better decision as to which (if not all) online casino you want to play at.